International Recruitment

International RecruitmentOur company was created in order to provide contract management for external specialists, which remains the primary focus today. Over the years, however, our contract management clients also began asking us whether we could help in the search for new personnel.

We assist you in finding external specialists and qualified employees

As a result, we made international recruitment part of our spectrum of services starting in 2004. Our approach consists in concentrating on five sectors, recruiting highly qualified candidates and utilizing a combination of various sourcing channels.

Recruitment Sectors
  • Oil & Gas
  • Petrochemical
  • Power Generation
  • Steel
  • Civil Construction
  • Manufacturing
Candidate’s profile: External specialist / Freelancer
  • Senior Level (min. 10 years working experience)
  • From Supervisors to Managers
  • International Experience (Construction Sites and Corporate Offices)
Candidate’s profile: Permanently employed by the client
  • From Young Professional to Senior Level
  • Both for technical and commercial assignments with appropriate professional education (mostly college graduates)

Sourcing channels:

Our Own Network
Our company identity is characterized by a relationship based on trust with our external specialists. As a result, a network of contacts has developed and become a valuable recruiting resource. Each of our contacts knows a network of experts who are otherwise difficult to reach through the usual sourcing channels – in turn, we are highly interested in these potential candidates because they have been personally recommended by trusted sources.

Our Own Database
Over the years we have compiled our own database of candidates that serves as an important sourcing channel. It allows us to quickly research candidates with the right qualifications and experience for the specific recruitment request. References from our network of contacts and qualified profiles from recruitment campaigns are incorporated into the database.

Business Networks
The importance of professional social media networks such as LinkedIn (worldwide) or XING (for German-speaking countries) has grown steadily for recruitment. We target potential candidates with social media advertising – in addition to the other sourcing channels.

Search Engines
More and more candidates look for work opportunities using search engines: the right presence in organic search results and search engine advertising – in combination with a website optimized for all devices – forms the other component of our sourcing mix.

Contract Management of External Specialists

Once you’ve found the right external specialist, the first step to expanding your project team is complete. But the second still remains: determining the right approach to integrating the specialist contractually.

We have over twenty years experience in external specialist administration and can provide you with the right professional structures and operational workflows. In addition to the classic freelance contract management model – where the specialist remains self-employed and we handle the administrative concerns – a second option also exists: international temping.

Here, we employ the external specialist for the duration of the project. We are happy to advise you on which approach best suits your project situation.

Freelance Contract Management International Temping
Employment form:
External specialist remains self-employed External specialist is hired by Ergonos as temporary employee
Administered by Ergonos:
Invoicing, expense reports, booking tickets, insurance and tax compliance support Ergonos pays taxes and social security contributions and handles administrative concerns
Flexibility for clients
Client remains flexible Client remains flexible
Contract type particularly suitable for the following cases:
  • Specialist works as a consultant for the client
  • External know-how has to be quickly incorporated into the project team: this contract type can be implemented immediately
  • Specialist is part of the corporate hierarchy, e.g. so that directives can be issued
  • A specialist was repeatedly hired with fixed-term contracts and can no longer be employed due to contractual limitations.